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 Petur's GM Application

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PostSubject: Petur's GM Application   Sun Oct 26, 2008 2:24 am

How long you have been playing Maplestory:
I have played MapleGlobal for 2 years, and Private servers for 1 year. 2+1=3, Therefore a total of 3years would be my Maplestory life so far.
Are you experienced?:
Yes I am. I was GM for 4 servers, 2 of which are quite well known. I know my commands very well, because I have been a GM for around 6 months. If you want to test me out, then just whisper me in game and I'll do my best to respond (I cannot remember the IDs, therefore I always have a GM handbook open).
Why do you want to be a GM?:
I wish to be a GM to better assist the players and to promote the in-game experience of players, whether it is banning hackers, or solving problems for players, I LOVE it <3 When I first started playing private servers, I was very confused and lost. I didn't know where things were, and the differences between PS and GMS. I wish to make the new players feel welcome, and enjoy this community to the best.
I also HATE hackers. And when I say this, I mean it. From my past GM experiences, I have encountered many hackers, and some even packet edited the server (e.g. Mass summoned monsters in all fms). They ruin the game for everyone else, and I cannot ignore that. I will devote myself to ban the hackers to the best of my abilities, and make them learn that they DON'T hack in Chaos xD
I want to be a GM to make use of my knowledge of Maplestory and my personalities (Sound cheeky? lols). Here's a list of what I ... LIKE about myself xD:

* Very patient
* Not a swearing type
* Tries hard to read the whisper spams
* Sociative
* ...Speaks (or types) English fairly well
* ...Not stupid (a.k.a. High ability to understand people)
* Obedient to the GM rules that one must follow
* Humorous, but I don't overdo it biggrin.gif (If I do, please remind me)
* ... Says please instead of plz xD (I sometimes use pl0x for fun tho )

And I know what it means to be a GM, so I'd like to help out as one. I often get whispers that aren't even English, and I'd love to ignore them, but my duties require me to help out as much as possible, because that is what GM powers are all about. They aren't here for us to !kill players all the time, or to ban random people as we wish. They are here for us to help.
I'm online alot, when i get home to school till swim practice then from 10 until i fall asleep. (-5 GMT)And in that time, I always ban LOADS of hackers xD
Can you help with coding the server?
Nope, I'm not a coder.
How can you help the players?:
Every 10 minutes or so, I'll say in GM chat that players can whisper me for assistance. This way, the new players will know who to go for when they encounter any problems, whether it is technical, or a question. I also try to remind the players in GM chat to remember certain things, such as to have inv slots when buying equips, and the mesos cap is 2.1b. This way, they wouldn't have to go through too much troubles, and this also lightens my work.
Do you fully understand if you go against any of the GM rules you will be banned?:
Yes I fully understand the rules, and I will obey them.
Can you be a nice GM and reply to other players?:
Yes I will be a nice GM and reply to other players. When I say nice, I mean being polite and replying to players, NOT giving into their random demands.
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PostSubject: Admin Reply   Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:10 am

After u Post pls go ingames >.<
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Petur's GM Application
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