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 Yuki<3s Gm app

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PostSubject: Yuki<3s Gm app   Wed Oct 29, 2008 10:59 am

Game Master Application Format

1. A )What is your name? Yuki

B )How old are you? 14

C )What is your Gender? Female

2. What country do you come from and indicate your timezone. Cali ,US -8:00

3. A ) Do you have any past Game Master experience? Yes I am A Gm on 14 Other Severs

B ) If so, where? PxielMs,SHittyMs,ToastyMs,Sorastory jsut to name a phew

4. Are you a patient and a social person? Yes and Yes

5. Would you interact and spend time with the players? Being a Game Master is not just banning. yes i would interact i am very interavice in act i think 3/4 of the time i talk and play

6. Basic information about yourself.
Nice lol
I can recuit Ppl to sever Like my Bf xD

7. A )What is the matter of your english education? Fluent english required. Lol i learned English at the Age Of 8
i came From jms in Japan i am very experanced.

B )Do you speak any other languages? Ys japinesse Chinese Korean and English

8. Why should you be chosen over the others? i Think You SOuld CHoose Equily i dont see my self over others

9. How do you handle newcomers and hackers? Newcommmers i handle as : saying WElcome TO ______ the sever
and asking them if they have any questions or consiterations
hackers: i take a screen shot , and then jial them til furither Notice form the owner that i can Banned

10.How may we contact you?(i.e. E-Mail, Msn, Aim)
E-mail: GameMasta_tony_wenger@yahoo.com
Aim: DragonFblz
Yahoo: GameMasta_tony_wenger@yahoo.com
Ign(in game name ): Yuki Or Masta
11. Heres a chance to brag about yourself. Go! i Do not Brag unless i feel like it xD
but anyways
if i were to brag well heres somthings
1). i have made all severs From v.55~v.60
2). my dad Used to work for nexon and noes how to code
3). i have been a gm in alot of severs
4). lol well i dont have a 4 xD

Please Pick Me =]
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PostSubject: Admin Reply   Wed Oct 29, 2008 1:03 pm

After u post go Ingame find SiaoKia
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki<3s Gm app   Sun Nov 02, 2008 9:23 am

Uh, you're dad worked for Nexon, and you GM'ed on 14 other servers? That's very suspicious that your dad worked for Nexon, and let you play PS's.

Also, for a 14 year old in California, your spelling is atrocious. As is your grammar.

Oh, and another thing. Perhaps you can tell me your GM names on some of those servers, since I play on two of the ones you named. Maybe we can become acquaintances.
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PostSubject: Re: Yuki<3s Gm app   

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Yuki<3s Gm app
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