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 Gary(iWTF)'s Gm applications

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PostSubject: Gary(iWTF)'s Gm applications   Mon Nov 03, 2008 11:30 am


Game Name:iWTF



Timezone:GMT 8+

Experience:no experience of being a gm but i can help out and learn=D

Reason for application:i want to trying being a gm and experience it and help out LoneyMS everything i could

How would you deal with a begginer spamming and/or begging (annoying other users)?first time jail second time jail third time ban!!!

How would you deal with/react to someone hacking?i will giv no chance and ban him

What would you do if you saw part of the LonelyMS staff hacking?report to admin straight aways

If faced in a situation where you see a close friend hacking, how would you react?i will juz ban him/her cuz no 1 use hack in LonelyMS not even my frenz

Why choose me?:i am a honest person u can count on me if i can help out anything i wan to try out how hard is being a GM i wan to make hoboMS anti hacking and make it wonderful for every to play in it=p

Are you an experience Java coder?:no but i can learn tat wad gm do=p

When i am a GM i Will Try to call all the poeple i know to play this sever..

Something you should know about me/additional information:nop..u wan to noe juz post a reply below...
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PostSubject: Re: Gary(iWTF)'s Gm applications   Fri Dec 12, 2008 1:17 pm

i think u can be gm :d santa Arrow
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PostSubject: Re: Gary(iWTF)'s Gm applications   Mon Dec 22, 2008 10:26 pm

after posting, be active ingame. The more you active the more chance u will be GM bounce

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PostSubject: Re: Gary(iWTF)'s Gm applications   

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Gary(iWTF)'s Gm applications
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